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Need Post Ideas?

Have you hit a creative wall? Struggling with what to say for your social media posts?

Coming up with ideas of what to post on your business page can sometimes be challenging!! Here’s our list of tips that are sure to get your social media brain fired up:

  1. Share the story of how your business started

(Connect with your prospects.)

  1. Post a tip related to your industry

(Show that you are a source of good information.)

  1. Post a Poll related to your industry

(Everyone likes to learn something that they may not already know.)

  1. Hold a giveaway!

(Get the attention of prospects with a fun freebie!)

  1. Create a Facebook “Poll”

(Many times you learn a lot by reading peoples answers.)

  1. Share an inspirational quote

(This is something that we can all use.)

  1. Employee spot light

(Recognizing the people who make a real difference to your bottom line.)

  1. Fill in the blank post

(My favorite marketing channel is____)

  1. Make a meme that is industry-related

(Business can use a little fun.)

  1. Facebook Live and tell about your products/service

(Let prospects see the real you. It invokes trust.)

  1. Photos of your product

(Make the product come to life.)

  1. Share a fun fact about what you do

(There is always something that people don’t know you do.)

Extra Tip:

Make all of your posts fit your branding! Use your brand colors and fonts to keep it consistent and recognizable for your followers. Develop and maintain a “tone” for the copy on all of your posts!

Need help? Reach out here!

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