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The Great Mug Debacle of 2019

Story Time

We decided in May that we wanted to order mugs with our logo. We wanted to fill the mugs with custom M&M’s and give them out during the holiday season to our clients and vendors.

We went back and forth with mug Company A for weeks, after getting multiple proofs in the wrong color, wrong size, etc. White mug.

Our logo. Printed on both sides. Easy.

We finally placed the order, and they were delivered…

The logo was blurry.





The company finally agrees to reprint the mugs. The new ones are delivered, and they look exactly like the first batch.

So we call Company B. We tell them exactly what we want, approve the proof, and place the order. We get the mugs in a few weeks later, and the logo is only on one side. 😭😭😭

Eventually, we got the mugs we wanted, but only after 4 shipments of 500 mugs, 15 phone calls, and a few possibly snarky emails.

Could we have just used the original mugs? Sure, I guess. But a brand’s appearance is important. Consistency and quality are important.

Whether we are managing our clients' brand or our own, we don’t stop until it is right. From a website to a billboard to an ink pen with your logo. The way you present your brand matters.

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