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About Us.

Group Five West embarked on its journey as a modest art studio in 1969. Equipped with a new swivel chair, a set of vibrant colored markers, an old AM/FM radio, and an unwavering vision to thrive, we laid the foundation for what was to come.


Initially handling small-scale projects, the studio gradually evolved into a thriving marketing firm and advertising agency, attracting clients who sought our expanding range of services.


From the outset, we recognized that to engage with our clients effectively, we would need to immerse ourselves in their businesses and acquire a comprehensive knowledge of their products and services. This principle still stands strong today, forming the foundation of our Smart Marketing    approach. 


We operate as a unified team with our clients, working collaboratively towards shared goals, deliberating over challenges, and striving to be invaluable team members.


Throughout our extensive history, Group Five West has cultivated numerous client success stories and delivered measurable and trackable results with an agency client retention rate twice the industry average.


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