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Telcoe Federal Credit Union in Little Rock, Arkansas, has a long successful history. They were looking for ways to open doors to new members and employer groups who may not be familiar with all the advantages of joining a credit union. At the same time, they wanted to continue to show their current members what an important role that they have played in their success.


Group Five West performed rigorous research for Telcoe to uncover information about the current brand, its position in the marketplace. Our teams merged the data to create an in-depth brand positioning strategy.


The brand strategy started with a redesign of the Telcoe logo and a new tagline that would quickly convey to prospective members why Telcoe was different from other credit unions.


The updated brand appeals to Telcoe members and prospects. It is relatable and member-focused. Also, the strategy offers a well-planned and consistent approach to targeted prospects that will continue to increase new opportunities, promote engagement, and increase brand recognition.

We hired Group Five West Marketing and Advertising to help us build a strategy and approach to the rebrand and we couldn’t be more


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