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In a Digital Age, is Direct Mail Still Successful?

In short—YES!

You get home from work and check the mail, right? You quickly look at each piece of mail, sorting the bills from everything else. The offers that interest you make it to your purse, your fridge, or your counter. The offers that don’t interest you get tossed. What’s important here is that you looked through everything and made a decision on what had “value”. You browsed across several brands and made the first step in the buying process. Whether you choose to act on a purchase right away or wait until a later date, the buying circle has begun.

We consistently see results from direct mail for our clients. Eye-catching design, smart copywriting and a targeted database equal new opportunities! (For example, our client ESGI achieved 100% ROI within the first 30 days of their targeted direct marketing campaign.)

And, how about some statistics from the USPS...

A USPS study discovered that:

  • Over 60% of direct mail recipients were influenced to visit a website.

  • 23% of direct mail recipients visited the sender's store location.

  • Almost 60% of online shoppers enjoy receiving catalogs.

Key takeaways:

Direct mail is alive and well (and so are your prospects).

Make sure your message gets in front of the people who count.


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