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Why It’s Important to Utilize Google My Business

Google My Business can be a powerful marketing tool for your company, creating connections between your company and future customers. Google my business can keep help you build your brand and expand your customer base. Taking the time to set up your account properly and maintaining it is the key to success.

Local Searches

When looking for a company relevant to their needs, customers often will do a generic search for companies in their location. Adding the location(s) of your business allows your company to appear in local searches where customers are searching.

Business Hours

Google My Business allows you to add the hours and days that your business is open and closed. This allows you to communicate with customers the days or special hours you are closed or open for the holidays or weekends, which can make the most out of your open hours and can reduce frustrated customers expecting open business hours.


Reviews can be the pulse of a business. Positive reviews can help affirm that you are doing well and entice future customers. Negative reviews can help you contact unhappy customers and gives your opportunities to correct situations.


Adding media to your account can make your business stand out from the others. Photos can help customers recognize your company’s logo, to see your quality of work and what your facilities look like, and more.

Utilizing Google My Business increases your visibility to local customers and sets yourself apart from the competition. From appearing in local searches to maintaining customer reviews, Google My Business is Smart Marketing™.

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