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Arrow Plumbing - Challenge & Solution


Arrow Plumbing Company in Little Rock AR, was seeking ways to update their brand, increase sales and grow marketshare.


Group Five West provided marketing consulting services, analyzed the client’s current market position and developed a multi-level strategy that included a comprehensive 24-month branding and marketing program.

The company logo was redesigned to increase name recognition in the marketplace.

A graphic-driven direct marketing and print ad campaign were developed which targeted residential customers.

An email marketing campaign was created that produced results that included: a 38% increase in email opens, and 10% increase in trackable website visits.

To introduce the newly established brand to the general public on a large scale, an outdoor advertising campaign was implemented that included billboards that were strategically located in high volume locations for increased visibility.

The company website was redesigned and content was streamlined to improve the visitor experience. The result: a cleaner, easier to navigate website, better working social media channels, increased SEO to better position the client in related website searches, a 153% increase in website visitors.

The program was designed with the ability to track revenue from each medium, and the result was 138% ROI within the first year.

138% ROI

for the client within the first year.

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