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5 Ways to Up Your Email Game

1. Create effective subject lines

It increases the odds of having your message read. Good subject lines are unique, specific, and urgent while implying that there is value inside the email.

2. Keep messaging short and sweet

Time is precious, and attention spans are short. Keep your email under 150 words.

3. Ask for a response.

Want them to contact you? Prompt them to call. Want them to buy your product? Invite them to do so.

4. Target the perfect delivery time

Modify your message and delivery time to better grab the attention of our target audience.

5. Track Your Results

Make sure you measure the ROI’s on what days of the weeks your emails are receiving more clicks so you can strategize on when to send them.

Group Five West can work with you and your team to design a successful campaign that can turn prospects into customers.

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