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Group Five West developed a comprehensive marketing plan allowing Hydco to share its professional capabilities with targeted niche markets throughout Arkansas. We created the tagline “Higher Standards” that quickly conveys the Hydco difference. It distinguishes the brand from the competition and allows Hydco to make a memorable first impression with a prospect. In addition, we delivered new creative concepts and concise messaging for various mediums: social media, customized email marketing, new website design, and updated SEO. This consistent approach to the marketplace means more new business opportunities.
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After our first meeting, I was convinced that G5W was a resource that would give our company an opportunity to focus on the areas of construction that fit our strategic plan for the future. They have been able to provide the resources through various channels that are reaching current and prospective clients in the fields that we are most suited to the construction projects that Hydco is seeking.

​We are still early in our relationship with G5W; however, I can already see the results that they are providing to our company. I would recommend Lisa and the entire G5W staff to go to work for your organization.

Roger Marlin

President and Chief Executive Officer



Marketing Strategy

Logo Design

Brand Collateral


Beyond Cotton

Direct Marketing

Email Marketing

Social Media

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