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Environmental Services Group wanted to get its name in front of more potential clients. Their brand identity was a bit dated, and they were looking for a streamlined way to communicate what they do to customers and increase overall brand recognition.
Group Five West designed a clean, professional new logo to better convey the ESGI company image. We developed a tagline and positioning statement that quickly communicates what sets ESGI apart from the competition. We created all new collateral materials and a display design that compliments the updated brand, including a new user-friendly and easy-to-navigate website to bring the new brand into full swing.
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Throughout our history, ESGI had always done in-house marketing. Frankly, these marketing efforts had not been very effective. Deciding we needed to try something different, ESGI interviewed several professional marketing companies to investigate what could be done to get our name to a wider audience of potential clients. Lisa and Group 5 stood out to us as the company to lead our new marketing campaign.

Together with Group 5, we decided that a total re-branding effort was the place to start. Although we were somewhat hesitant, everyone at Group 5 worked diligently to insure that we launched a robust campaign, while still maintaining a focus on our core business ventures.

We now have a new clean look to the outside world, including a new logo and website. Everyone at Group 5 has been a pleasure to work with. They have been dedicated and hardworking throughout the process, and produced a product that we are all be proud of, and  know will besuccessful. Thank you Group 5 for all your help.


Gary Ingle




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