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Your New Office - Working From Home 101

With a lot of us working from home right now, here are some tips that will help to keep you productive, adjust to the new routine, and offer a comfortable work-home office space. Work Space. You need a quiet place to set up your computer, with natural light and near an electrical outlet. Make the space clean, and clutter-free to reduce distraction. Position your monitor so that it is eye level when you’re sitting (place it on something if needed). Choose a comfortable chair that supports good posture. Get Stuff Done. Reduce distractions and keep a list! Better yet, maintain a schedule for yourself of what things you will be doing throughout the day. Take advantage of free video conferencing

Need Post Ideas?

Have you hit a creative wall? Struggling with what to say for your social media posts? Coming up with ideas of what to post on your business page can sometimes be challenging!! Here’s our list of tips that are sure to get your social media brain fired up: Share the story of how your business started (Connect with your prospects.) Post a tip related to your industry (Show that you are a source of good information.) Post a Poll related to your industry (Everyone likes to learn something that they may not already know.) Hold a giveaway! (Get the attention of prospects with a fun freebie!) Create a Facebook “Poll” (Many times you learn a lot by reading peoples answers.) Share an inspirational qu

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